The Best Diving in St Kitts & Nevis



The underwater world in St Kitts is a pure delight for scuba lovers visiting the twin island nation. Divers who come here will experience an unpretentious authenticity to the expansive undersea world of St Kitts.

The wide variation in pristine seas and conditions are caused by the physical alignment of the islands of St Kitts and Nevis. Waters on the protected (Leeward) shores of St Kitts are continually renewed by the Blue Atlantic Sea, resulting in clean waters and excellent visibility. The position of the islands in the Lesser Antilles allows for a flexible dive experience and permits dive operators to find favorable diving conditions for divers during any season or weather conditions.

Diving in St Kitts & Nevis offers visitors diverse diving attractions with walls, ledges, under hangs and coral towers, along with a number of good wreck dive sites. The diving in St Kitts and Nevis is suitable for all ages and abilities with depths ranging from 30 feet to over 200 feet. As with all reef based ecosystems the best diving is in the range of 50 feet to 90 feet. Visibility is excellent, 80 feet plus is the norm. Sea temperatures in St Kitts vary from about 74 – 79F in winter to 80 – 85F in the summer months.

For travelers visiting St Kitts & Nevis, your scuba diving experience here includes:

Reef diving which begins at 35 feet and plunges to 95 seat, the reef provides a good hiding place for Spotted Drum, High Hat Arrow Crab and large Lobsters, Divers love the Hot Vent at 90 feet where 100 degree Fahrenheit water fizzes from.

Wreck dives are popular with a visit to the wreck of the River Taw, a large freighter, 144 feet long sunk in 50 feet of water. She is encrusted in Coral and houses a large variety of fish such as Squirrel Fish, Barracuda, Glassed Eye Snapper, Angel Fish and many more.

Cave diving is done at the Southernmost point of Nevis. Divers navigate through Caverns, and around overhangs at Devils Cave that are riddled with Marine life such as Glassy Sweepers, Blue Tang, Nurse Sharks, Sting Rays and on occasion Black Tip Reef Shark.

All St Kitts and Nevis’ dive operators are accredited by recognized certification agencies (PADI and NAUI) and can also train and certify new divers. On your next trip to St Kitts & Nevis, be sure to dive into the underwater world!