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May 21, 2020
St Kitts and Nevis is preparing to welcome tourists
July 30, 2020

St Kitts & Nevis COVID-19 Travel Update

St Kitts and Nevis first declared a State of Emergency on March 26 and closed the islands’ borders through at least June in an effort to protect our borders, citizens and residents. And successfully so, on May 18 all 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in St Kitts and Nevis were recovered with 0 deaths.

“An important milestone was reached today with the recovery of all 15 persons testing positive for COVID-19. This demonstrates the unprecedented achievements by St. Kitts & Nevis and the Caribbean region in containing and controlling the spread of the virus,” said Minister of Tourism the Hon. Lindsay F.P. Grant. “I am gratified that our Federation’s ‘all society approach’ starting with early and aggressive actions, the excellent work of our medical community and the cooperation of all persons in the Federation have brought us to this place. However, at this time we must continue to remain vigilant with our mitigation procedures in place for everyone to remain safe.”

While the government has since begun easing restrictions allowing for some economic activity, the borders of St Kitts and Nevis remain closed. The tourism authorities of both islands are busy at work putting together a multipoint plan of approach for reopening the economy for tourism activity and plan to ensure that travelers booking a trip to St Kitts and Nevis feel safe coming and spending time on our beautiful islands.

“We are putting a lot of protocols in place and will spend this summer training those involved in all facets of tourism, including hotel and villa staffs, vendors, taxi and tour bus operators, water sports operators, attraction owners and those who run businesses, shops and restaurants,” she said.

While there is no official date for the reopening of the islands’ borders at this time, when the green light is given to do so, Brown says American Airlines is ready to resume flights from Miami.

We can expect an update around the end of Summer for travel on the upcoming Winter season, so be sure to check out our Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Put St. Kitts on Your Travel Bucket List and be sure to discover these Things to Do in St Kitts for your next trip!

Until we can welcome you again to our shores, stay safe.

Image Courtesy of St. Kitts Tourism Authority. Unauthorized use not permitted.

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