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May 6, 2020
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Top St. Kitts Attractions and Sites That You Can’t Miss

When you get away from it all and head to the gem of the Caribbean, St. Kitts, indulging in the tropical beach lifestyle is just a slice of the pleasure. The rest of the island is brimming with fascinating attractions, sites, and landmarks that you need to check off your bucket list.

Take a break from the beach and see which places to discover!

Brimstone Hill

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this iconic fortress has been standing since the 1690s. While the rich history of this landmark is riveting enough on its own, the real draw is the spectacular panoramic views you’ll be granted at the top. One of the best places to stay in St. Kitts is also nearby, the Belle Mont Farm Kittitian Hill, tucked amid the splendid landscape.

Romney Manor

This majestic manor features gorgeous gardens that include a wide-canopied Saman tree that is over 300 years old. It was once the place for growing sugarcane though today, it is where Caribelle Batik is created. Neighboring Wingfield Estate rounds out the experience for history, culture, and shopping in one beautiful location.

St. George’s Anglican Church & Independence Square

Travel back in time to 1670 when St. George’s was first constructed by French Jesuits. It was named Notre Dame back then and oversaw centuries and centuries of battle, fire, and natural disasters. Amazingly, it was restored and rebuilt with every hit. Earthquakes, fires, and even hurricanes came to pass and despite complete ruin, the congregation worshipped and built it better than ever.

Fairview Great House & Botanical Gardens

A relic of the 18th century, every tiny historic detail has been restored with precision at the Fairview Great House. Immaculate and utterly luxurious, a tour of this home is simply breathtaking. The botanical gardens are a tropical delight, perfect for spotting monkeys munching on the fruits from the trees.

Old Treasury Building & Museum

Another important slice of St. Kitts’ history is the Old Treasury Building. It is known locally as ‘The Gateway to the Island’ thanks to its famed archway that welcomed visitors and travelers from boat to Basseterre’s streets. It’s domed top served as the lighthouse to guide ships to the landing pier at the building.

The best hotels in St. Kitts put you closer to the beaches and these phenomenal attractions. Plan your itinerary today to look forward to discovering everything there is to love about St. Kitts!

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